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Go You! (Kneeling Female Aztec Figure, fifteenth century)

ZONTA Female Art Awards 2023 finalist. Great experience, great meeting fantastic artists and seeing their amazing works! 

The words “Go You” aim to encourage, motivate, reignite enthusiasm, enhance and motivate viewers.
This sculpture depicts a lady wearing a simple skirt fastened around the waist. Circular ornaments around her ears. Her hair is wound around her head and held at the top. Her back turned to the viewer, no facial expressions, a stone, in neutral color, a simple female figure carved more than 500 years ago.
Cotton thread is worked in the most basic way, as a straight stitch. Embroidery had been considered women’s work, It was not only seen as a feminine activity but also thought of a mindless hobby and not art; now that’s changed.

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Creative Artist


Latina-Kiwi, I hail from Mexico and have been in New Zealand Aotearoa over ten years. I am married to a Timaru man, that is also an artist.


I am self-taught full time visual artist with ten years trajectory. My style is bold, colourful, and smart. I create art with a few main ideas in my mind such as keeping it simple and never boring. They help me complete the puzzle of creating. I am passionate about colours, about life and happiness. I focus on equity, and achievement in high contrasts. I like to think I’m breaking the rules while following them.

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Solo Exhibitions:

  • "Divas" Suter Art Gallery - McKee Gallery, Nelson, Nov 2021

  •  "Messed up Situations" - Mexican Embassy, Wellington, Nov 2018.

Collective Exhibitions:

  • ZONTA Female Art Awards - Ashburton Art Gallery, Finalist, NZ March 2023.

  • South Canterbury Art Awards - Aigentighe Gallery, Winner Highly Commended Mixed Media, Timaru, NZ October 2022.

  • "Perception 6" Collective Exhibition - Suter Art Society - McKee Gallery, Nelson, 2019.

  • Ynes & Doylee Doyle Art Show - Comala Pueblo Mágico, Mexico, March 2018.

  • “Al Interior” self portrait -CEARTE City Gallery, Mexico, August 2017.

  • South Canterbury Art Society Annual Exhibition- Aigantighe Gallery, Timaru, NZ. 2016.

  • South Canterbury Art Society Annual Exhibition, - Aigantighe
     Gallery, Timaru. NZ. 2015.

  • The Christchurch Art Show, NZ. 2014 & 2016.

  • The ArtBox Gallery, Christchurch, NZ.

  • Memorial Framing and Art Gallery, Auckland, NZ. 2014.

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SAY HELLO -   Mobile (+64)  021 914 456

Thank you! Gracias!

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