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I am looking for a gallery to showcase my new series, I thought it would be a good idea to post an ad on one of the top arts promoters website in NZ, so I typed my wish list, and sent it to them, however they thought it would best read if it was on a third person so they re wrote the ad for me.

From the ad I received one email, complementing my paintings and inviting me to send them a proposal for a solo show and I had 22 visits to my website that came from the link in the ad. Galleries didn't flood my email with invitations to become my dealers, but I guess it was worth the try. Will get there.

So below the ad that is still open for invitations.

About the Artist

Ynes Guevara-Doyle is a Latina-Kiwi full time Visual Artist, living in Timaru in the beautiful South Island. She hails from Mexico, has been in Aotearoa New Zealand over ten years, and is married to a Timaru man that is also an artist.

She is seeking a Gallery that would like to showcase her new body of work. Her style is bold, colourful, and smart. Ynes creates art with a few main ideas, keeping it simple and never boring. This helps her to complete the puzzle of creating. She is passionate about colours, life and happiness, focussing on equity, and achievement in high contrasts - breaking the rules while following them.

About the Exhibition -

A, E, I, O, U, however you say it (or spell it). Ynes’ work aims to raise the awareness of cultural diversity via language and speech that surrounds our present lives. It intends to the idea that we are all one, we all belong, no matter where we hail from.

This series contemplates her own journey immigrating to New Zealand Aotearoa, with a new language and a new culture that she has adopted and has adopted her. It also reflects on unity. After a few pandemic years and ongoing world conflicts, communities are becoming and embracing Kindness more than ever.

She chose the vowels to express her idea as they are symbols of magnificent importance and major influence. It's the first symbol or composition we learn. They belong to no one and yet to everyone. Five vowels, and hundreds of different sounds emerge from them. Five million Kiwis, six major ethnic groups and counting. (European, Māori, Pacific, Asian, and MELAA (Middle Eastern / Latin American / African).

We all belong, however you say it or spell it.

Exhibition Progress: The series will consist in ten to twelve pieces of medium to large sizes. She is currently incorporating fibres and textiles in this body of work and mainly using shades of purple, yellow and orange.

The paintings are acrylic on canvas and some of them are finished with cotton thread.

She completed a cotton tapestry weaved using a loom, and plans to make another large latch hook tapestry.

Ynes has been developing this series for about two months in her new studio and intends to have them finished in the next two months. These paintings can be shipped to any location.


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