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Why is important to do this now?

I have reached the 40's, and I believe it is time to make dreams come true, and I have been, but I need some help. Life is full with ups and downs, with waves that makes you stand tall, and waves that drag you down fiercely but they are all perfectly lay out. The moment came for me. Everything aligned perfectly and I am confident I can deliver.

I have the momentum, my new series is about to be displayed to the public, a long and steady journey of 10 months of throwing my self into the unknown, of hard work, of criticism and praise, attempting to create art that will show another side of things, of ourselves, art that aims to be innovative, experimenting painting with fibres and tapestry, and glass painting that plays with see through spaces in between. 

My work tends to be symmetrical, with high attention to detail (as long as my eye sight is strong) this new series is monochromatic, I utilised Magenta color (this has a sentimental value) toning it down with Platinum White. I have been incorporating simple embroidery on the paintings, when I say simple I mean the easiest stitch into intricate ivy plants that grow in the canvas.

As my art research and love for literature grew (I feel like I have been in a Masters Degree with myself - constrained to my studio, my books and audiobooks, creating essays on books I like, re-reading art professors, and diving into the incommensurable world of literature. I am so very lucky of being bilingual that I can enjoy a good Spanish novel as well as an English classic.

Literature has expanded my brain and has merged into my painitngs, to make a visual poem that says everything and nothing. To compose a melody that has a start and a finish, and can be enjoyed alone or in company, the beauty of the flow in the writings, the way a sentence or a paragraph grabs you, and poetry....symbolic love poetry.

The less the better, the simplified image becomes universal, we become one, if not by the color, by the subject matter, if not by the subject matter by the attention to detail, if not by the attention to detail by the complexity in the simplicity.


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