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My rebellion. (re-edited)

To follow the expectations of being one more in society ,

one more of the same, one more of the woman, one more soldier.

I think of individualism, human race needs individualism, but it also needs to embrace the one ocean, the one land, the one air we breathe.

What I was made to trust in and forced to follow, needs to be questioned.

What does not change, is the will to change. Ch. Olson.

If God is, then I dislike the idea of humanised figure, to adore and respect an image that holds nothing.

The image on blurred ideas, the image on blurred love, on animosity, on the pureness of faith to my child eyes.

I am born brown, I am born latin, I am born english, I am born a woman, every single day. My skin shines in the sun and golden flakes reflect in the shadows. My voice talks the languages of symbols, my body talks the language of a gender, my mind wonders...

To feel and believe in things with no sense, theatrical act. I never felt in peace, to go there, to go here, to do this to do that. Do the circle of your ancestors be on the surface not beyond, charades, scam, one more soldier.

My rebellion starts, be true be pure be honest and sincere, be smart, learn, think, wonder.

Mingle to decipher, black white


Let's be real, remove the vision, become who you want, be happy and prosperous, infuse with love and good manners be free in between the ways of the world.

Photo of Bell Hooks.


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