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In my thoughths today

My rebellion

again norms

made me choose

not to have kids.

I love kids, they are fascinating,

they are interesting,

they are tru and our best teachers. They re the best of the human race.

I just couldn’t follow the expectations of being one more of the society ,

one more of the same, one more of the the woman. one more o the many sheep.

I think of feminism like rebelling against Jesus,

I dislike his figure, I dislike the image they have produce for me,

What I was made to trust in and forced to trust in.

I hated his image and the rules that were placed upon him. I dislike the idea of human type, of this various multiple free, different human type to adore and respect and image that had nothing to do with who we where.

The image blurred the ideas, the image blurred the love the animosity the pureness of religion to my child eyes. I have never learned how to be religious, since I never related to that image.

I don’t know, whether that is going to change, I am born brown,, I dislike brown, I don’t like that colour though I love my skin, the way it shines in the sun and the way the golden flakes reflect the light even in the shadows.

But Jesus was never me, he was never my type, was never my skin, and an image I was shown, go along with the voices and lesson i heard from that building I was made to attend and sit still, not crossing ,y legs as it was a sin, or a miss education a fault, I was so despised about the practices and rituals I was not a t all a believer I was made to believe in things that made no sense for me.

I never felt in peace I felt it was a theatrical act to go there, and this was passed on to me this feeling of entrust where passed to me by my closes mayors, by my parents, ,mainly my mother who, took us there to pretend she was spiritual and forgiveness and true a nd loveable when she wasn’t. I hated that practice, and I know at 10 that it was a fake, it was a party it was a scene put up for anyone else for the family sorry not to call it family [put up for the circle your or she was born in to and the expectancies they had on a surface level not an spiritual level, It was a charade, it was a scam it was made to make us feel good on the surface not in our true self.

When I think about what I live I feel it like a scam I don’t feel a true love for God or who ever, I never wanted to be a nun or any thing to be deal with religion.

This is how I stared my rebellion, this was so fake, being so young I could sense it, kids know. Kids are true and pure and honest and sincere and they know that what sometimes elder people is faking. they can sense it.

They know when mother is mean, when mother is not happy, when mother pretends. they know when father is happy they know when father is drunk, they know when other and father love together and when they hate each other, they know when the fool around with other and they they are unsatisfied.

You can fool a kid, kids know more that grown ups. Grown ups mingle their brain trying to decipher all this problematics in society when a kid knows and a kid flows and a kid believes and a kid is true to their feelings and their confused and adults manage them and modify them to their liking, adults teach them rules and black and white and adults scare them and that cripples people and people grow and devote into other adults but with some bits missing the bits missing is evolution, that’s evolution and evolution with many generation is change and progress. Let the kids be kids, let the kids be human, let them experience their erotic human happy life, there is nothing wrong with feelings. If you arte going to experience human emotions why don’t you let them florist when your ar happy innocent a kid, with no :quotes: with no dare, with no what if, humans will experience life as it is anyway, no matter how many rules we show them and put infant of their faces.

Lets be true lets be real, let change the society lots remove the vision of the parents and let the kids become who they want, what makes them happy and what makes them prosperous human beings, let infuse the with love and good manner but free of feelings and free of ways in the world. Let make the kids the generation of freedom and don’t be afraid of change because the only fright as an adult is the will of change.

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