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Participating one the SCAS Annual Exhibition 2016. And winning the Merit Award!

Rachel Ratten and Sue Connolly with La Catrina, on SCAS Annual Exhibition 2016.

Hello Hello,

Well this was a shocker, when I heard my name on the microphone! I won, I won, got a little bit to exited atm, but well worth it!

This was a painting had to finish in a timeframe - and Im not very good on meeting deadlines. But the idea was clear / exhibition was to be made on the first weeks of November, the Day of the Death in Mexico. So I chose a Catrina, the Mexican most famous lady. Browsing through the internet for images, I found a one, that on the time, I didn't know it was a painting by someone else already!!

I took it, use it, make it my own....

Not to find out later, a big argument took place about Copyright vs appropriation using this and another paintings of mine as examples....the outcome.....just do it!!!

I still keep my recognition on my Award!



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